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Election Day 2016

Joshua GlennComment

Hello LLLers,

We've always been active in causes we think are important, and voting is a very important cause. This year's Presidential election has been an emotional journey and will have quite an impact on the United States, either outcome.

It should be no surprise that we pay attention and vote every year, regardless of the level of elected office.

In the past, we have made designs supporting both major parties. However, this year's major party candidates are so different and this election will have such a significant impact that we don't want to draw any further attention to one candidate.

Using Zazzle, we've created five new designs for our like-minded customers and friends. We hope you enjoy:

- "#imwithher"
- "Stronger Together"
- "You don't have to like her" and
- "Nasty Women Vote"

Website Update/Challenges

Joshua GlennComment

Hey LLL fans,

We are so sorry that our website was unavailable for so long. Long story short: debit card theft, account security issues, and account expiration. Phew!

But we are so excited to be a part of your world again.

Let us know how we can help make our days, special events, marching band seasons, and community outreach even more personal!

Always yours,


Avon Walk update: We did it!

Joshua GlennComment

It was a beautiful and exhausting weekend. Kate walked 30 miles over two days. Josh helped load, unload, and haul gear and tents for all 2500 participants multiple times, to ensure the Walkers, who are the celebrities of the weekend, have an amazing experience. The two days were divided by an overnight in a tent, in a public park, on the ground. We raised $2000 for the fight against breast cancer through preventative care, treatment research, and support services

We met Survivors who had incredible stories. We met men & women who challenged themselves to fundraise and push their bodies to new limits. We talked with strangers and new friends about how they lost family and suffered at the hand of this still prevalent disease.

Hopefully our smiling little girl & boy brought joy for at least a moment to Walkers, Crew, Volunteers, Staff, and supporters, who all came together for an amazing 2-day event.

As the tagline says, The more of us who walk, crew, and volunteer, the more of us who survive.

We will continue to donate 100% of proceeds from Girl & Pink Ribbon and Boy & Pink Ribbon to  the Avon Foundation for future walks and fundraising efforts. 

Avon Walk DC 2014

Avon WalkJoshua GlennComment

We are so excited to return to the Avon Walk DC after a few years away. This afternoon, we attended the Great Start Party, Avon's 2014 Season Kick-Off Event. We reunited with old friends, like MooCow Guy, and met some new walkers, heard some heart-wrenching stories, and truly felt invigorated for our mission to support our customers and our families.