LittleLizzyLou Designs

Simple & Cute Custom Designs created especially for you!

Thank you so much for coming! We are so sorry that this website was down for so long. We are still committed to simple and cute products, and making a difference in our community!

The navigation at the top of the page will take you to our custom design form, our new blog, and maybe a picture of you!

Like LittleLizzyLou t-shirts and buttons? Most of our products can be found through:

If you're looking specifically for Girl & Pink Ribbon, try this direct link, instead. And remember that all of the proceeds from Girl & Pink Ribbon will be donated directly to the Avon39, The Walk to End Breast Cancer, Washington DC. If you'd prefer to donate directly, you can use our Avon Walk donation page.

Hopefully we can continue to be a part of your adventure! Please let us know what you find and enjoy!